Hi there. I’m Shannen : )

So there’s less confusion…my full name. Shannen Natasha Norman.

I live in the sunny and gorgeous city of Los Angeles. I just returned from a few years of living in NYC, which is still near and dear to my heart. I return often for work and play. California has taught me how to be the calm presence and New York taught me how to ‘get it done’ at the very same time.

I shoot weddings and I love what I do. A lot.

I walk into a wedding, there, to tell a story. Your unique story. A friend at your side. I want my images to reflect what it felt like to be there, in the midst of the day. The beauty of the environment, the laughter of you and your guests, the connection of you and your spouse, the details of the decor, the way the light faded across the tables at sunset. I want to help you remember the things you never want to forget and to see the things you never got to see. That to me is the beauty of what I do.  








Represented by Lisa Raffo at The Wedding Artists Collective. For all availability and pricing inquiries please contact lisa@theweddingac.com
The WAC is an amazing group of artists who share a cohesive yet uniquely individual vision applied to the weddings they work on. Visit the site www.theweddingac.com to see more.

For all other inquiries please contact:

Martha Stewart Weddings Top Photographer




Was just named one of Martha Stewart Weddings Top Photographers. Honored. Astounded. Happy. All the things.

Excited for all the couples I’ll be working with in 2014.

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  1. Kelly Darian ///
    March 20, 2014

    Congrats! So excited for June 7th! xo

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