Weddings are complex. They are dynamic. They are lovely. They are fun. They are emotional. They are non-stop. They can be crazy. Not one is the same.

I grew up in Southern California. Beaches, mountains, and deserts were all within an hour of home. It was always sunny and everyone was perfectly ‘chill’. About three years ago I moved to New York City for a change of pace. Now museums, parks, and amazing restaurants are all within a few subway stops of home, there are four distinct seasons, and no one’s chilling unless it’s the middle of January and you’re locked out of your apartment. California taught me how to be the calm presence and New York taught me how to ‘get it done’ at the very same time.

I walk into a wedding, there, to tell a story. A friend at your side. I want my images to reflect what it felt like to be there, in the midst of the day. There is so much to be told when telling a good story. Weddings are moments. The glow of the candles on the faces during toasts, the flower girl falling asleep during the craze of the reception, the quiet laughter the bride/groom share in between portraits. Weddings are people. Your friend who flew 3000 miles to be there for one night. Your Mom shedding tears during the first toast. Your best friend from college dancing shoeless all night. Weddings are beautiful. The flowers you spent a month going back and forth on whether it would be peonies or dahlias, the dress you went to 28 boutiques to find, the sun setting on the field behind the ceremony site. Weddings are environments. California fields. New York City rooftop terraces. Italian vineyards. Maine’s rocky cliffs. Caribbean sandy beaches. Each is a new opportunity to express my viewpoint of the scene at hand.

In my spare time I’m riding my ’78 Puch Magnum moped around Brooklyn, hanging out with friends and family, dreaming up adventures to take, and possibly doing a Rosetta Stone French lesson. Would love to include you on any part of that or simply to meet up and hear your story thus far. Looking forward to it.


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Connie + Nico: Italy Wedding // Brides Feature

So excited to have this gorgeous wedding I shot last year in Venice, Italy in Brides Fall issue! Connie and Nico were married at the resort her family grew up vacationing at on Lido, one of the Venetian islands. They had a gorgeous ceremony on the beach at sunset, followed by an incredible cocktail hour with synchronized swimmers, and then the reception carried on late into the evening with dancing, wish lanterns over the sea, and a masquerade of sorts. Such a fun wedding to be a part of!

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